The best choices for after your study

You are in the last year of your study and the total focus is on your thesis. More than logical as well, because this is about the most difficult and time consuming thing you have done throughout your study period. However, it is very useful to see what you are going to do after your studies. There are often two types of people to be distinguished in this process. The one would like to study because he or she is not yet in a full-time job or would like to gather more knowledge. The other is extremely happy that all these years are studying and finally getting to work. Or if you don't want to think of both at the moment, you can escape. You can find what possible options after your study in this article.

This blog was written by Yannick Bos of Young Capital-vacancies for students, starters and young professionals.

A traineeship

At a traineeship you go to work but you continue to learn at the same time. So you earn money and get training to work on your personal development. You start by learning a certain specialisation and work in addition. As probably many different teachers have said to you: ' You are never too old to learn ' or ' you are never learned '. This is a remark that you should listen to verve lens, but if you think about it now, you know that that teacher is right. Do you want to specialise with a traineeship or just complement your knowledge with a direction that suits you well? Then a traineeship is an excellent addition for you! Are you not yet learnt and do you often want to gain the necessary experience? Then it is certainly useful to see a traineeship.

Working after your study

Many students are delighted that they can finally put their knowledge into practice after their studies. These students are ready to enter the labour market and are jam with energy to start a new challenge. However, many graduates are at the same problem, which is experience. If you start your first full-time job you don't have it yet, but how do you get this experience when you've just graduated? An option is to work in the industry during your internship or graduation period where you want to work after your studies. So you do all the necessary experience and knowledge to perform a start-up function. Take a marketing job, for example. If you have just graduated and already have experience in this industry, then you already have a dash for it. Is this not what the employer Is looking for in terms of experience? Then take a step back. Start with a job that is just below your level, so do your experience. Do one step back to move forward two steps!

Go for a break!

Are you not yet ready to start working right and want to empty your head after all the hard studying? Go for a break, a half or a year. Get inspired in, for example, a country where you've never been. You can improve your second language abroad or learn a new language. If you find a job abroad, you will learn the language very quickly. Don't want this? Then you are still learning, because with these options you never stand still. You get an awful lot of life experience in return. You may get a whole different view of life, which can help you in your general development and you will learn to know yourself in a very different way!

Algemene ledenvergadering

7 maart is de algemene ledenvergaring voor leden van de studievereniging Hallieu. Alle leden kunnen deelnemen aan de vergadering en er is de mogelijkheid om inbreng te geven over zaken binnen de vereniging. Ook zal er gestemd worden over een verandering in de statuten.

Datum en tijd: 7 maart 2019 om 15:00

Locatie: B310

Nieuw bestuur!

Sinds de Algemeen Ledenvergadering (ALV) van 28 november 2018 heeft studievereniging Hallieu een nieuw bestuur:

Voorzitter: Ilse Ubels
Secretaris: Esther Geertsma
Penningmeester: Nula van Rijn
Tweede penningmeester: Daimy Jansen
Algemeen bestuurslid: Jelmer Kasteel

Van links naar rechts: Jelmer, Ilse, Nula, Esther, Daimy

Vanuit het nieuwe bestuur willen we graag Franka Lotze, Bart Scholten, Robert Grit, Jelmer Kasteel, Jildau Dijkstra en Nula van Rijn bedanken voor hun inzet in bestuursjaar 2017-2018.

Excursie: Wetsus

Lijkt het jou leuk om een middagje te kijken hoe het er aan toe gaat bij Wetsus? Dan is deze excursie van studievereniging Lucentis wat voor jou! Als Hallieu-lid ben jij namelijk ook uitgenodigd.

Op deze excursie naar de overkant van de parkeerplaats worden presentaties over onder andere onderwerpen als blue energy, protein from water en applied water physics gegeven worden door de PhD studenten van Wetsus. Na afloop van deze presentaties zal er ook nog een rondleiding in het lab van Wetsus gegeven worden.

Nadat het de vorige keer is verplaatst, hebben we een datum gevonden waarop het nu vast staat: 23 mei van 13.00 tot ongeveer 16.00. Zorg dat je je zo snel mogelijk opgeeft via (vermeld daar even je naam en dat je lid bent van Hallieu), want er zijn maar een aantal plekken beschikbaar.

Tot dan!



A sustainable lifestyle Of course also translates to the wardrobe. Buying secondhand clothing saves a lot of raw materials, which would otherwise be used for fabricating new clothes. Fortunately wearing vintage garments is all the way back and finding it super easy, there are even real clothing-exchange-markets. So also in our own study City of Leeuwarden: On Saturday 2 duffel turns the rhino to ' vintage & second hand clothing ' event. Are you also there?


Herinnering pizza bestellen voor Cowspiracy

Komen jullie dinsdag ook Cowspiracy kijken? En wil je dan een pizza? Vergeet dat niet door te geven voor zondag (dat is morgen al) 17:00!
Zorg zo dat je een pizza krijgt:
1. maak een keuze tussen:
– pizza Margaritha
– pizza Salami
(de pizza’s komen van de party pizza’s van Rigoletto)
2. stuur een mailtje naar met je pizza naar keuze
3. maak €3,50 over naar NL34 RABO 0102 7157 50 t.n.v. ‘Hallieu’ voor zondag 18 maart 17:00.
4 kom ook genieten van je pizza bij de film!

Long Life Kliekjesdag!

Like many people (and especially students) I eat leftovers from the freezer once a week. Besides that this is good for the wallet it is also good for the environment! By keeping a kliekjesdag you avoid food wastage, super fine. Look for more tips and tricks to counteract food wastage on the environmental website.

Climate Lab

Climate Lab is a small series on YouTube created by the University of California in collaboration with Vox. In This series, scientists and UCLA guest researcher Dr. M. Sanjayan are investigating the surprising ways In which we can change our thinking and action on climate change.

Want more information? Please visit this site for more: Https://