The most important application tips

Applying for jobs is a gripping and often stressful process for many. How do you prepare the best and what do you put in the cover letter? Of course you want to leave a good impression, because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In This article, you will read the most important application tips to make your application process run smoothly. 

This blog was written by Yannick Bos of Young Capital – vacancies for students, starters and young professionals.

Curriculum Vitae  

The first impression of you as a person you give off with your curriculum vitae or your resume. But what should all be in a resume? It starts with your contact details. Your first and last name, address, date of birth, telephone number and email address must be in it. Do you have a driver's license? Therefore always mentions this. 

Set yourself up briefly with a personal piece about who you are. This immediately gives a good picture and it is distinctive from other resumes. After that, you'll tell about the work experience you have. Mention especially the jobs where you have gained serious work experience and not the jobs that you have sustained very briefly, this does not give a good impression. 

Your training (and) are very important to mention. From your high school diplomas to the present. Did you do a relevant student activity or minor? Please indicate this in your CV. This also applies to the relevant knowledge and skills you have gained. You can also always be creative in the design of your resume, just don't go through it. Try to feel if this suits the company you are going to apply for. 

Finally, it's a plus if you put a picture of yourself on your resume. You will be better remembered if someone has a picture of you! 

Cover letter 

In The application letter it is time to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. A cover letter is simply a letter in which you write that you would like to qualify for a particular job at a company. First of all, make sure your cover letter is not a listing of your resume. This reads very laboriously and in addition you do not indicate why you are so well suited to this company and this function. 

Second, know the company you are applying for. What does the company stand for and where does it want to go? Include these core values in your application letter, so you'll notice it instantly. 

Finally, why should the company accept you? Here you distinguish yourself from the rest. Unleash your creativity and write your professionalism. Deploy a little bit of humor as this falls into place within the story you want to tell. Tell what you can add to the company! 

The Interview 

With the job interview you have almost reached the end of the application process. Per function, it differs from one or more conversations. It is also different per function whether you have to keep an assessment, case or presentation. In preparation for the conversation, it is important that you feel what the company is asking for. At a large corporate company it is important that you arrive in Pak, or at least dressed neatly. With a creative and young start-up you can often do it with a "casual" outfit, so feel good about it. Deepen your business, know what they stand for, and ask yourself why this suits you. Why does this function fit me well and how do I meet the requirements in the vacancy? Finally, it is always good to have yourself prepared a few questions that you want to put to the company, so you also show interest in them and leave you a good impression! 

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