A sustainable lifestyle Of course also translates to the wardrobe. Buying secondhand clothing saves a lot of raw materials, which would otherwise be used for fabricating new clothes. Fortunately wearing vintage garments is all the way back and finding it super easy, there are even real clothing-exchange-markets. So also in our own study City of Leeuwarden: On Saturday 2 duffel turns the rhino to ' vintage & second hand clothing ' event. Are you also there?


Long Life Kliekjesdag!

Like many people (and especially students) I eat leftovers from the freezer once a week. Besides that this is good for the wallet it is also good for the environment! By keeping a kliekjesdag you avoid food wastage, super fine. Look for more tips and tricks to counteract food wastage on the environmental website.

Cottage on the Moor


From Friday 9 February to Sunday 11 February


We are going to attend a whole weekend in a cottage near Twente (but just across the German border) lectures and excursions (but of course, conviviality should not be missed!)


The costs for members of Hallieu €45 Euro per person. For non members The cost will be €50.

The amount must be paid in time to NL34 RABO 0102 7157 50 attn Hallieu. With the description: Payment <naam> Cottage on the moor.

Do you want to join? Sign up quickly by filling in the form!

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How to make your old T-shirts 2018-Proof!

Cut the crap! With these fun ideas you can make your old T-shirts ready for the summer of 2018. The upcycling of clothing is environmental and wallet friendly, ideal for poor students! 🌍