Year closing 2019


This year we will be closing the school year together.
We do this at Camping de Hoeve in Harlingen! 15 minutes on foot from Harlingen train station.

From 16:00 you are welcome to set up your tent. In the evening we are going to barbecue on the beach and make a campfire.
To avoid wasting meat, it is the intention that you bring your own flesh. For bread and salads etc. We Care! Fresh is present, alcoholic refreshments are at your own expense and must be taken into account.

We would also like to encourage that our own plates and cutlery are included. However, we have some plastic tableware behind the hand.

Also there are a number of sponsors of Hallieu present with which you can network!

The costs for members are €15,-incl. overnight stay
The costs for non-members are €17.50 incl. overnight stay
Should you not be able to stay overnight but would like to be present at the BBQ, please send an e-mail to

Registration is possible until 17 June 15:00
Send a mail to

Until then!

Pizza Filmavond: Before The Flood

On the 4th of December we will be cozy with all of us in the (hopefully nice warm) local B210 watching a movie. This time is Before the Flood's turn, the documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio on climate change. Of course, you should have seen it as an environmentalist.

This time we also have something extra: we're going to eat pizza in the break! We will order this pizza through Domino's, so check out the website which pizza you want. Then we order your pizza: In the form below you can indicate which pizza you want (if you don't want pizza then you only need to fill in your name).

Walk is at 16:45, the movie starts at 17:00. Make sure you are there something earlier than 17:00 if you want pizza in connection with ordering.

Make sure you have transferred the (good) amount for your pizza to NL34 RABO 0102 7157 50 T.N.V. Hallieu for Monday 3 December 15:00 or you have proof of payment (e.g. Internet banking). Otherwise we can not order pizza for you!

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Excursion: Wetsus

Would you like to have an afternoon watching the Wetsus? Then this excursion of study Association Lucentis What's for you! As a Hallieu member you are also invited.

On this excursion to the other side of the car park, presentations on topics such as blue energy, protein from water and applied water physics are given by the PhD students of Wetsus. At the end of these presentations there will also be a tour in the lab of Wetsus given.

After it was moved last time, we found a date on which it is now fixed: May 23 from 13.00 to about 16.00. Make sure you enter as soon as possible via (mention your name here and that you are a member of Hallieu), as there are only a few places available.

Until then!


Symposium ' Better Wetter '

The programme team better wetter invites you to attend the Symposium ' Better Wetter ' on Thursday 29 March 2018 from 09:30h to 17:00h at the Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden.

To make the soil and water management in northeast Fryslân more sustainable, several regional organisations work together in the Better wetter programme. In the past two years Van Hall Larenstein has been investigating more sustainable forms of (agricultural) water management in the Peat Meadow area of Northeast Fryslân. The background, challenges and research results form the common thread within the symposium, for which a number of interesting speakers come to Leeuwarden. In addition, together with you and the speakers we look forward to the future of Better wetter. It promises to be an interesting and interactive day.

Participation is free. Please sign up at:

Do you know any more people who would like to be present? Sharing is much appreciated, hopefully see you on March 29th in Leeuwarden!

Order pizza reminder for cows piracy

Will you be watching cows piracy on Tuesday? And do you want a pizza? Don't forget to pass it for Sunday (that's tomorrow though) 17:00!
Make sure you get a pizza:
1. Make a choice between:
-Pizza Margaritha
-Pizza Salami
(The pizzas come from the party pizzas of Rigoletto)
2. Send an email to with your pizza of your choice
3. Make €3.50 to NL34 RABO 0102 7157 50 T.N.V. ' Hallieu ' for Sunday 18 March 17:00.
4 come and enjoy your pizza in the movie too!

Pizza Movie night: Cows piracy

Follow the shocking, yet humorous journey of an ambitious environmentalist, trying to find the real solution to the most urgent environmental problems and the true path to sustainability.

Come also and don't let us be in the cow!
Because it is around the meal time there are also pizzas available (if you sign up for this).
Animoso and Hallieu members may come free of charge, non-members must pay €1,-entrance fee. In addition, the costs of your own pizza come at your own expense.

Make sure you get a pizza:
1 Find a pizza on
2 Send an email to with your pizza of your choice
3 Make the cost of the pizza you want to go to NL34 RABO 0102 7157 50 T.N.V. ' Hallieu ' for Sunday 18 March 17:00
4 come and enjoy your pizza in the movie too!

Walk-in is 17:45 and the film starts at 18:00 in F112.
We will eat the pizza in the break.