Master Open Day Wageningen

What do you do after you study environmental science? Have you ever thought of a Master? On Friday the 13th of April 2018 there will be a Master's Open day of Wageningen University. Here you can find a Master that suits you!

Wageningen University is offering the Masters "Earth and Environment", "Forest and Nature Conservation" and "Climate Studies".

On the Open day there are presentations about the different master's programmes and study advisors and students are ready to answer all your questions.
More information can be found at Masters Open Day Wageningen, here you may also sign up.

Does it seem interesting to you to come but do you already have other appointments? In that case, you can contact the study choice coaches of the training of your choice. He or she can tell you all about the content of the training and daily life as a WUR student.

Movie Night: Chasing Coral

In Period 1 We looked chasing ice. This is good liking, so from the same creators we are going to look chasing coral now!
For the first time in this documentary, it really is portrayed how the coral changes and disappears.
A lot of information is also given about the causes and consequences of the changes.
"It's just bagging what happens all." (Grit, R. 2018)

Come and watch this shocking documentary on March 14th, 2018!
The walk is at 16.45 and the film starts at 17.00 in F112.
For Hallieu members, the movie Night is free and for non-members It costs only €1,-to attend the film.
Drinks and snacks are provided!

Update Lecture Bee Lector + register

The title for the lecture on the Bee Lector is known! The title of the lecture of Arjen Strijkstra is called "Do we flower the bees problems?"

The lecture takes place on 22 February at 19.00 in B216. Are you a member of Hallieu or Animoso? Then the reading is FREE! If you are not a member, it costs a small contribution of €2,-.

Next week the topics are announced. You can register using the contact form below.

Inschrijven kan hier!

Update Reading Greenpeace


On January 15, 2018 at 16:00 hours old-environmental science student and Greenpeace for lighter Tycho Dorcas will give a lecture. Tycho will explain the lesser-known parts, such as tipping Points and the role of banks in relation to climate change.

We collect January 15 at 15:45 in local B209, at the van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden. Don't forget to bring your laptop!

Logo Greenpeace

Are you interested? Staying informed can also be through the Facebook event!

There is space for about 20 people, so sign up quickly using the registration form:

Next event: Cottage on the Moor!


To be able to arrange more lectures and make a more enjoyable weekend, the event "Cottage on the Moor" is moving to the weekend of February 9th! Thus, everyone also has more time to ask free of work 🏡🦌

During this weekend getaway we will be enjoying some interesting lectures and nice networks.

Not yet registered? This can be via:

Non-members are also welcome! Members of study Association Hallieu, however, are given priority. There will be a timely message to non-members, so no one comes to surprise.