Film: Ivory Game

The Ivory game is a documentary about the ivory trade in Africa. This big problem has serious consequences for the elephants on the continent.

We will watch the documentary on Monday 16 September. He starts at 15.15 a.m. in B211, Hallieu takes care of what to eat during the movie. For the presence of this activity you can also write down SLB-hours!

Get persuaded by viewing the trailer below: https:
// v = 3GPEKKaSmZY

Pizza Filmavond: Global waste

Hello all!
On Tuesday 12 June we will all be watching the documentary Global waste: The Scandal of Food waste. We will do this during dinner time, because we will be ordering pizza from Domino's. Consider before you come any pizza you want, then we can order for the film and then we will eat on time. The pizza costs are for your own account and if you are not a member, the movie evening will cost €1,-extra.
In this documentary we see in various countries how food wastage occurs in various countries as a problem, together with possible solutions.
Besides your food, you are not allowed to waste your time, so come and have a nice dinner with our pizza and finally get two SLB hours!
The film starts at 17.00 in F112.

Movie Night: Chasing Coral

In Period 1 We looked chasing ice. This is good liking, so from the same creators we are going to look chasing coral now!
For the first time in this documentary, it really is portrayed how the coral changes and disappears.
A lot of information is also given about the causes and consequences of the changes.
"It's just bagging what happens all." (Grit, R. 2018)

Come and watch this shocking documentary on March 14th, 2018!
The walk is at 16.45 and the film starts at 17.00 in F112.
For Hallieu members, the movie Night is free and for non-members It costs only €1,-to attend the film.
Drinks and snacks are provided!

Film Evening ' Cesspool '

The exam week is over and we have already started a week with the new period. Hallieu has again a lot of fun and instructive activities for you in store this period, including a few movie nights.

On the first film evening of 2018, the shocking film ' Cesspool Nederland ' will be shown. In This documentary, environmental detectives tell us about how Dutch fraudulent waste companies have been able to violate environmental laws virtually undisturbed for decades.

The walk is at 16.45 and the film will start at 17.00 in F112.
The movie night is free for members of Hallieu and costs for non-members €1,-
Drinks and snacks are provided!

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power


What & When?

Monday november 27th at 19:00 the movie ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power’ will be shown for the very first time in Friesland in Tivoli Cinema Leeuwarden!

It has been ten years since the controversial climate movie from Al Gore was released. The movie hit like a bomb.
Now, ten years later the sequel is finally released: ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power’.
The movie shows the seriousness, but also the possibilities to safe the earth from doom.

And you are all invited for the premier of this movie in Friesland! Klik hier om meer te lezen