It will be December again and that means cold, but also conviviality! In The warm Circles of study Association Hallieu you don't have to shivering. That's why on the beautiful evening of 11 December (19.00-20.55) We all go bowling with the great emperor in Leeuwarden. Are you going to join?
It costs €4 per person for members and €5 per person for non-members (if you bring your student card with you!!!). With a student card you also get a discount on drinks!
Before Monday 10 December 12.00, make sure you have sent a message to (with your name and that you want to join in bowling) and have transferred the money to NL34 RABO 0102 7157 50 T.N.V. Hallieu
Then you get a confirmation at the end of that afternoon.

General Members Meeting Hallieu

Only for members of study Association Hallieu!

A ALV (general meeting) will be held on 28 November at 13.00. All members of the association may join.

A new board will be elected and appointed during the general meeting of members. In addition, members of Hallieu can give input into the association. The last year is also discussed and our Treasurer presents a financial statement.

Want to come to the meeting? Please let us know via

If you cannot be present and want to vote for the new board or have an account for the association, then it is possible to authorize someone. Please send an email with your name and the name of the person you wish to authorize and we will help you.

Do you still want to be a member of the board? Send a mail to with the function you would like to dress up!

Lecture: CEW

Do you want to mean something to the world and speak to reallife assignments in an international setting? Then come on 01-10-2018 at 13.30 pm to the lecture of Maarten Tallat, Project Manager at the CEW and discover the internship opportunities of the CEW!

On average we use approximately 120 litres of drinking water per person per day in the Netherlands. From brewing to toilet by pulling and from doing turning to watering plants. Our water footprint, or all the water we need for the production of our food and other products, is of course even higher. To make all that water clean and suitable for all different purposes, more and more water technologists are needed worldwide. On the Water Campus (inter) national scientists, startups and students are dealing with world water problems every day. Water Campus-partner Wetsus conducts fundamental research, the water Alliance brings companies into contact with each other and the CEW carries out applied research in the field of water technology, together with companies and students of A.O. Environmental science and chemical technology.

At the CEW are continuously varying projects, but one thing they have in common: they are real and come directly from practice. In one project you help glass gardeners to remove plant protection products from residual water, in the other you test the purifying power of a moerasdak or research the savings that can be realised with a rainwater capture .

Do you find this interesting? Make sure you're there!

Members: Free
Not members: 2 euro
Local: Keep an eye on the Facebook event!

Party: Gender Bender!

The first S.V. Hallieu & S.V. Medusa Feast of the school year is back at your doorstep! The party will take place in our favourite place: Bar Sybs! 19 September, at 21.00 You are already welcome. You can put it on Facebook here, and see who has a sense of it:)

This first party has the theme….

GENDER Blender

So men, draw your most beautiful dress and ladies, let a beautiful beard grow!

Until then!

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Year closure!

After four periods of toil it is high time to end this school year with a pleasant evening and overnight!

This year there are super fun activities on the program like a Pubquiz and live strategy! In the evening a delicious barbecue is planned and in the morning breakfast will be prepared for you.

Because last year's campsite was so good, this year the closure is organised in the field of the camping Uteringskamp. The packing list, costs and the possibility to sign up will appear soon!

Be there!

Pizza Filmavond: Global waste

Hello all!
On Tuesday 12 June we will all be watching the documentary Global waste: The Scandal of Food waste. We will do this during dinner time, because we will be ordering pizza from Domino's. Consider before you come any pizza you want, then we can order for the film and then we will eat on time. The pizza costs are for your own account and if you are not a member, the movie evening will cost €1,-extra.
In this documentary we see in various countries how food wastage occurs in various countries as a problem, together with possible solutions.
Besides your food, you are not allowed to waste your time, so come and have a nice dinner with our pizza and finally get two SLB hours!
The film starts at 17.00 in F112.

Update: Lecture ' Sustainable energy in the north of the Netherlands '

Because the first and sophomore environmental science students have stagedaten tomorrow until 16.30, we have moved the lecture to 16.45. Then we can all attend the lecture immediately after the Stagedaten. We hope to see you for 16.45 tomorrow, because he starts punctually on time!

Don't forget to sign up on!

Lecture: Wadden Association with Study Association MEDUSA

It is now almost no longer to be imagined, but fifty years ago there were advanced plans to polder large parts of the Wadden Sea. Thanks to the strong resistance of the Wadden Association, this was avoided. Since 2009 the Wadden Sea is the only nature reserve in the Netherlands on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Wadden Sea is now recognized worldwide as a unique nature area of which it is considered to be of great importance to preserve it. The unique values of the Wadden Sea are the original landscape, the infinite dynamism and the rare wealth.

Have you become curious (er) to the Wadden Sea and the Wadden Association? Put on Wednesday March 21st 2018 in your diary, because Renate the backer of the Wadden Association will give a lecture at 16:00 and you can attend free of charge as a member of Hallieu or Medusa. Furthermore, everyone is welcome, but as a non-member, the reading costs you a small contribution of €2,-

The room will be announced later, but please indicate at the Facebook event whether you come (if you have Facebook) because then we can take into account the size of the local!

Signing up via Facebook can be here: