Film: Ivory Game

The Ivory game is a documentary about the ivory trade in Africa. This big problem has serious consequences for the elephants on the continent.

We will watch the documentary on Monday 16 September. He starts at 15.15 a.m. in B211, Hallieu takes care of what to eat during the movie. For the presence of this activity you can also write down SLB-hours!

Get persuaded by viewing the trailer below: https:
// v = 3GPEKKaSmZY

Lecture: AdVinci & Environment Law

On 26 September at 15:00, two AdVincie employees (of which one former student of environmental Science!) will give a lecture on the work they do (as consultancy on environment and Sustainability) and on the environmental law. This new law enters into force in 2021 and means many changes for the spatial domain. This puts the government and the companies that are facing a major challenge.

Because in our training we get little to no lesson about the environmental law, but we will work with this in our later Work field, this is a very suitable opportunity to learn more about the environment law!

The lecture takes about an hour and then there is time to ask questions. It is in Vb209 at school. So come and visit! The lecture is free for members of Hallieu, if you are not a member then the lecture will cost €1.50.

Introduction BBQ 2019-2020


This year we have again the Hallieu introduction BBQ of the new school year. This is the ideal time to get to know each other, multiple-year environmental Science Students and Study Association Hallieu better while enjoying a drink and (Vega) burger at the GC!

For members of Hallieu the BBQ is only €6, for non-members this is €10. (Vega) meat, salads and sandwiches are included, drinks can be bought at the GC.

Freshmen register via the registration form that is still in the classroom or via our mail: Hallieu @ HVHL. Nlm
ultiple year can register via the mail Hallieu @ hvhl. nlEve
ntuele allergies or diets like to report!

Only students and teachers of the environmental Sciences Programme can be present at the BBQ.

We hope to see you on Thursday 12th September!

Canoeing with Guide!

On Monday 10 June 2019 We will go with the study association Hallieu Canoeing in the National Park de Alde Feanen with a guide!

This lasts from 14:00 hours to 17:00 hours. The costs are 4.50 Euro per person. You can register via
The clothing advice is to wear boots or other sturdy footwear and a wind and waterproof (warm) jacket.

Hopefully we'll see you!

Movie Night with Pizza

On Monday 6 May there will be a pizza Filmavond georgainseerd! This time we look Tomorrow (2015), this documentary is about people who devise solutions for climate change.

Also we will eat (30 cm) pizzas! This is ordered at New York Pizza. There are four choices for the pizza:
-Double Pepperoni €12.99
-Hot Chicken €13.99
-Margherita €11.49
-Vegan Californian veggie €13.99

Make sure you have transferred the (good) amount for your pizza (if you want one) to NL34 RABO 0102 7157 50 T.N.V. Hallieu and an email to sends with the pizza of your choice before Friday 3 May 12:00 hours.

Walk is at 16:30 and the movie starts at 16:45. The room will be published later.
The activity is free for members (excl. Pizza) and for non-members this costs a small contribution of €2,-(excl. Pizza).


CEW Networks: Reading, pooling and eating

Wednesday 27 March is the opportunity to network with employees of the CEW (Centre of Expertise Water technology). This is a great opportunity to arrange a placement spot or learn more about water technology.

Hallieu has planned in collaboration with the CEW this afternoon/evening, the program looks like this:
At 16:00 the CEW starts by giving a lecture (in the CEW Building, a 5-minute walk from the van Hall Larenstein). This lecture is given by a.o. Maarten Tallat. Here we are told, what the CEW is and does and the internship opportunities for students.
After that we will have a nice dinner with staff and interns of the CEW, followed by a quiz about water technology. After that we will all play pool.

This event is for all studies of Van Hall Larenstein, and is completely free. (The drinks in the pool table are at your own expense)

You can register by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address:

Activieitencommissie. Hallieu @ HVHL. n

Please note that there is a limited number of places available!

Excursion: Antea Group

Antea Group

There has been a demand for more excursions with the members of Hallieu for many years. Previously, we have had company visits with other study associations. Now we have organized our own excursion. In collaboration with the Antea Group, a consulting firm, Hallieu organizes an excursion to a project location where work is carried out. A gas pipeline is built under a former tramway. A lot of different activities are carried out at such a project location.

Is this something for you and your classmates? We will start with a small explanation about the process of soil research and the laying of pipes in the soil. After that we will go to the project location (transport is arranged), where we can look around and get explanations. If there is enough enthusiasm from the ecology angle, the group can be split up and students can walk along with a ecologist explaining the ecological perspective of the laying of piping.

So put your hands out of the sleeves and join us on excursion! Up to 20 students can join, so sign up quickly.

The excursion takes place on Monday 25 February. Times will be announced later.

Registration is closed.

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Winter Gala 2019

The winter gala will be displayed on February 7. It starts at 20:30 in the rhino. The tickets cost 10 euro for members and 12.50 for non members. The following dates are available at the booth in the canteen around lunch:

  • Wednesday 30 January
  • Thursday 31 January
  •  Friday 1 February
  • Monday February 4
  • Tuesday 5 February
  • Wednesday 6 February
  • Thursday 7 February

No picture description available.

Careers Day Leeuwarden 2019

Wednesday 16 January 2019 the SLB-Careers Day is organised at the Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein (HVHL) in Leeuwarden. A unique opportunity for companies, organizations, jobseekers and students to network. Networking is important to create new opportunities in work and study.

As a company you can present yourself as a future employer to the students. The career market is being designed for this. In addition, various student workshops are offered. A great opportunity to expand the network and get acquainted with potential interns and/or employees.

Students are looking for the real stories from the Work field. They need a concrete picture of their later work environment. Tell the real story and tie the student to your business. We expect about 500 students on the careers day.


It will be December again and that means cold, but also conviviality! In The warm Circles of study Association Hallieu you don't have to shivering. That's why on the beautiful evening of 11 December (19.00-20.55) We all go bowling with the great emperor in Leeuwarden. Are you going to join?
It costs €4 per person for members and €5 per person for non-members (if you bring your student card with you!!!). With a student card you also get a discount on drinks!
Before Monday 10 December 12.00, make sure you have sent a message to (with your name and that you want to join in bowling) and have transferred the money to NL34 RABO 0102 7157 50 T.N.V. Hallieu
Then you get a confirmation at the end of that afternoon.